#1 Pediatric Dentist In Baton Rouge

A dental appointment can be a very intimidating experience for a child. The unfamiliar environment and strange sounds can make going to the dentist unpleasant. Therefore, it is important to choose a dentist that best fits your child’s needs. Dr. Grand understands a child’s anxiety and apprehensions and knows how to work with children effectively. Children have specific dental issues that must be addressed including developing  jaw and teeth, behavioral concerns,  and physical growth..

Dr. Grand provides high quality dental care that is fun for children. His commitment to patient care revolves around  all aspects of child development with an emphasis on prevention and behavior management. His team is well-trained to assist parents to deal with apprehensive children insuring that all dental services are customized for the needs of the child.

A child’s oral health is this dentist top priority. Dr. Grand and his team provide personalized and gentle care for children thus creating a pleasant visit for each child. Many dental issues can be easily avoided with early intervention. Because children easily experience tooth decay, it is important to remove sugars usually left in the mouth from milk.  Due to poor oral hygiene habits, these sugars turn into an acids breaking down teeth causing tooth decay.  At Grand Family Dentistry, children are taught proper brushing and flossing routines to help prevent tooth decay. Schedule an appointment  for your child today with this Children’s Dentist in Baton Rouge for a complete evaluation.

Grand Family Dentistry
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